“We faithfully believe in collaborative design over the design of individual authorship, we know that one of the most important resources for the development of our project, is the wisdom of the master craftsman, since each of them is part of a history, culture and tangible and intangible heritage inherited from their predecessors. We are convinced that the designer, must become an articulator of trades, which must propose based on research, trial and error, respecting the times of each trade, the characteristics of raw materials, and processes productive crafts, without forgetting that these people, are the real carriers of the trade”.


We focus on giving visibility to handcraft, generate value in endemic raw materials, using the technology and know-how of master craftsmen. We work to be agents of change through research, based on a methodology of Industrial Design, being this the main facilitator of the knowledge cross, in order to enhance both trades and their protagonists, combining qualities in order to generate new objects full of knowledge. identity.


We connect with our clients through our history, the lineage of our products and their origin. When a client acquires one of our products, he is carrying a unique piece, made one hundred percent by hand, and at the same time it is becoming part of a heritage of more than 100 years of crafts, attributing a value of social responsibility, helping to preserve the history and techniques of local manufacturing. It is in this process that our main trademark value is generated, our cultural heritage as an extension of the product and the transfer of these values to our customers.